How do I activate my Windows Control license offline?

January 24, 2019

Windows Control can run on up to three (3) computers/devices at a same time with the same license. To be able to use Windows Control on more than three (3) computers/devices, Windows Control must first be deactivated on one (1) of the other computers/devices. When you purchase Windows Control, you will receive a License Activation Key for the software in the Order Confirmation e-mail. When Windows Control is run for the first time, the License Manager will start. The License dialogue box will show the actual software icon for the license that is being handled. Your License Activation Key can be found in the Order Confirmation e-mail.

Note: If Windows Control is already downloaded on your computer, start at step 1. If Windows Control is not already downloaded on your computer, start at step 5.

For a computer/device not connected to the Internet:

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select General Settings.
  3. Select the About tab.
  4. Select License Key box.
  5. Enter the License activation key.             
  6. Select the Activate button.
  7. Select the info icon.
  8. Select the Activate Offline button.
  9. Do one of the following things:
  10. You will need the computer name that is shown in the Activation dialog box.
  11. Enter the Activation Key provided from one of the options above.
  12. Select the Activate button.
  13. Select the Close button.