TD Phone

Text and call using just your eyes on an I-Series (I-13 and I-16) device. TD Phone is an app designed for those who cannot use their hands and/or voice due to conditions such as ALS/MND, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. Text or call anyone, anywhere without the need for Wi-Fi, thanks to a Bluetooth connection between your I-Series and your Android or iPhone. Search or scroll through your imported contacts in a simple, familiar way. Never miss incoming calls or texts with an easy-to-select popup. Compose messages efficiently with word and phrase prediction. Speak out loud during a call through your I-Series using a synthetic voice. TD Phone is exclusively for I-Series (I-13 and I-16) devices, available in English with more languages coming soon.

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Phone with your eyes

Stay connected, keep up with family and friends, and text or call anyone with your eyes via mobile by wirelessly connecting your Android or iPhone to an I-Series (I-13/I-16) device.

Woman using her eyes to call and text with TD Phone on an I-Series device

Text with your eyes

Send and receive individual text messages with the ability to scroll through conversation threads. Receive notification of incoming messages and choose to view them immediately or later.

Call with your eyes

Access your contacts or use the keypad to enter a new number to call and speak to anyone using your choice of synthetic voices by Acapela, Windows and Nuance. Never miss an incoming call with an easy-to-select popup.

TD Phone app featured on a Tobii Dynavox I-Series communication device

TD Phone screenshot showing a text message composed using phrase prediction

Express yourself quickly

Type what you want to say in texts and calls efficiently with word and phrase prediction, which learns and adapts to your personal communication style.

Access your contacts

Connect your mobile phone to your I-Series (I-13 or I-16) wirelessly via Bluetooth to automatically import your contacts for texts and calls.

A mobile phone connects wirelessly to a Tobii Dynavox I-Series device with TD Phone


TD Phone icon

Tobii Dynavox TD Phone

System requirements

Operating system

iPhone 7 (or later) with a version of iOS 15 (or later)

Samsung phones running at least Android 10

Google Pixel 4 and later running at least Android 10


Application languages

(more languages coming soon)

Keyboard languages

(more languages coming soon)

Compatible devices

I-Series (I-13 and I-16)

Compatible voices

Acapela, Windows Voices and Nuance
(English only for now)