External resources

External resouces

The following organizations help to connect people with disabilities to community, education and materials related to assistive communication.

Ace Centre

Location: England

Ace Centre is a registered charity that provides assistive technology services for people with complex needs. With a focus on augmentative and alternative communication, it offers assessment, training, information and printable resources. Its team includes specialist teachers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and technical staff.

Finding Charlie’s Voice

Location: Ireland

Finding Charlie's Voice is a registered charity that supports children and young adults with speech and language communication needs. Working with children, it focuses on education, social development, behavior and presentation; while assisting young adults with education, training and employment.

Little Tick Creations

Location: Australia

Little Tick Creations is a family business that specializes in creating visual aids and resources for children and teens with disabilities. Featuring Boardmaker PCS, its catalogue includes schedules & routines, emotional regulation resources, and social stories.