Device Decontamination

Tobii Dynavox recommends regular cleaning of your device. Instructions for proper cleaning can be found in your device manual and also as a downloadable resource below. It's important to decontaminate your device frequently in order to protect against infection and communicable diseases.

Before cleaning your Tobii Dynavox device, please shut it down and unplug all cables. The device should be cleaned after each use, using a disinfecting or hospital grade cleaning wipe for infection control. The cleaning should be done using a wipe style product only. Wipe only outer surfaces of the device and allow the product to dry naturally to follow the wipe instructions. Do not use spray products which may saturate the device or allow moisture into the unit.

You can read more about our recommended device infection control and device cleanliness in our support articles.

Download recommended cleaning procedure

Tobii Dynavox device decontamination