Communicator 5

Communicator 5

Communicator 5

Communicate flexibly

Communicator 5 empowers people with speech and language disabilities such as MND, cerebral palsy and Rett syndrome to efficiently convert text into clear speech using just their eyes, fingers or a switch. This flexible communication software is also a springboard to the internet, the Windows environment, social media, entertainment, phone use and home control.

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Speech output

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Multiple access methods

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Windows access

Flexible assistive communication

Communicator 5 empowers literate people with the tools they need to live their lives to the fullest using just their eyes.

Man with ALS using Communicator 5 on a Tobii Dynavox SGD

Custom convenience

Create custom settings easily, set unlimited user profiles, edit content quickly, and build unique pagesets to meet specific needs. Choose from a selection of voices reflecting different accents and ages, and use all Communicator 5 tools with the access method of your choice.

Flexible freedom

Move freely and smoothly between all of Communicator 5’s tools to meet your needs at any given time. Convert text to speech in multiple languages; call, text and manage contacts on your mobile phone; browse the internet; use social media and entertainment; control your home environment and more — all with just your eyes, hands or a switch.

TD I-Series eye-controlled device featuring Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 software

Tobii Dynavox PCEye eye tracker used with a laptop to access myTobiiDynavox, a cloud-based storage service for backing up synthetic voices and other content.

Safe storage

Safely store and access custom content on myTobiiDynavox, our proprietary cloud-based service designed for use by the entire communication team. Rest assured that personal pagesets, user profiles, banked messages, and other key resources are available for use and for sharing anytime, anywhere.

Devices compatible with Communicator 5

TD-I Series featuring Communicator 5 AAC software

TD I-Series

A fast, light, durable gaze-enabled speech generating device, featuring the world's #1 eye tracker.


A flexible eye tracker to control your computer, access Windows and play games, using only your eyes.

What makes Communicator 5 unique?

Designed to offer the right communication tools for maximum flexibility, focused on personal needs.

Person using Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 text to speech software

Text communication

Express yourself more naturally with a built-in dictionary, word and phrase prediction, stored phrases, and access to many high-quality synthetic voice options. Speak your mind in real time — out loud, in your own voice — with custom voice banking or message banking.

Custom commands

Build unique commands using Communicator 5’s power editor. Create a schedule with reminders, program a custom scientific calculator, use a comic book reader, or any action that meets a personal need — all accessible with just your eyes within the Windows environment.

Man with MND using Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 text to speech software to coach his sons at chess

Efficient keyboards

Communicate in the language of your choice, with the ability to switch between different language keyboards. Adjust for preferred eye gaze speed on buttons, keyboards and predictive text. Express yourself more quickly with stored and abbreviated commonly used phrases. And choose from keyboards designed specifically to match different access methods.

Social communication

Join any conversation — online, via mobile phone or in person. Browse and use the web intuitively. Call and text anyone. And access the social media and entertainment channels of your choice. All of these social communication tools and more are accessible within Communicator 5, using just your eyes or hands.

YouTube can be used with just your eyes from within the Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 AAC app

Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 environmental controls for TV

Environment control

Program and control infrared-enabled devices in your home such as TVs, DVDs, toys, adjustable beds, doors, lights, and voice-enabled smart home assistants such Google Assistant and Alexa.

Desktop access

Access Windows directly from the Communicator 5 homescreen to use productivity tools such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook or Teams. Edit photos, play games, or do anything available in the Windows environment — all using just your eyes.

Woman with cerebral palsy using Communicator 5 AAC app on her TD I-Series to conduct a video meeting

Communicate socially

Use the social communication tools of your choice. Stay connected, organised, informed and entertained on the web, your phone, social media, video, music and podcast platforms, games and more. Depending on the device you are using, Communicator 5 offers different communication tools.

The following social communication tools are available via Communicator 5 exclusively on TD I-Series devices.

Man using TD Browse web browsing app on his Tobii Dynavox TD I-Series
TD Browse icon

TD Browse

Gives those who cannot use their hands a simple way to enjoy the web using just their eyes. Scroll, surf and click in a familiar way and switch naturally between these functions. Hit large and small targets with precision. Move left, right, up and down. Quickly recall preferred websites from your browsing history.

TD Phone icon

TD Phone

Enables those who cannot use their hands to text or call anyone, anywhere using just their eyes. Search or scroll through imported contacts in a familiar way. Never miss incoming calls or texts. Compose messages efficiently with word and phrase prediction. Speak out loud during a call using a synthetic voice.

TD Phone featured on a TD I-Series being used outdoors by the sea

Woman using Communicator 5 on a TD I-Series eye gaze communication device to communicate with friends at a bar
TD Talk icon

TD Talk

Empowers literate adults to speak with their eyes or the touch of a button. Generates natural-sounding speech in a range of voices to help you sound more like yourself. Speeds up sentence construction to enable more active engagement in conversations.

TD Control Icon

TD Control

Allows eye control of the Windows environment and the ability to independently launch and use all apps that come with your device. Also enables gaming on a wide selection of popular titles using just your eyes.

Woman using TD Control on a TD I-Series AAC device to access the Windows desktop

From Facebook to Spotify to YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and more, a wide selection of social communication tools are available via Communicator 5 on PCEye and older I-Series devices, including:



$399 USD

For those interested in one license offering efficient, intuitive creation, editing, printing and playing of PCS-based teaching materials. Includes Editor.



Volume pricing

For organizations interested in multiple licenses.

Tobii Dynavox Accessible Facebook from Communicator 5 Accessible Apps

Accessible Facebook

Register, log in, search, add friends, post, comment, like, add emojis and play or pause videos that catch your interest.

Accessible Facebook Messenger

Stay in touch in real time by sending and receiving messages and making audio or video calls. Search contacts, navigate and scroll through chats, and send messages with text, voice, sticker or emoji.

Accessible Facebook Messenger from Communicator 5 Accessible Apps used with a PCEye eye tracker

Tobii Dynavox Accessible Instagram from Communicator 5 Accessible Apps

Accessible Instagram

Browse for inspiration, scroll, search, explore hashtags, create your own posts or stories, like and comment with text or emojis.

Accessible WhatsApp

Stay in touch in real time by sending and receiving messages by text, photo, voice or emoji. Search and scroll through contacts and easily create group chats.

Tobii Dynavox Accessible WhatsApp from Communicator 5 Accessible Apps

 Tobii Dynavox Accessible SMS Android Messages from Communicator 5 Accessible Apps

Accessible SMS Android Messages

Access messages on an Android phone by searching for and starting chats. Send messages using text, pictures, emojis and more. Scroll, browse and select messages and have contact names read aloud.