Tracking your child's performance with a Boardmaker Online Personal account

October 01, 2018

With your Boardmaker Online Personal account, you can track your child’s progress as they complete activities. 

Step 1:  Add a performance tracking activity to your Playlist.
  • Locate a performance tracking activity in your Activities list.  They will be identified with an icon that looks like a computer monitor with a "P" on the screen.
Hint: You can find performance tracking activities on the Boardmaker Community and add them to your Activities list.  You can also create a new activity using a performance tracking Activity Starter Template. 

Add to playlist
  • Select the Add to Playlist button next to the desired activity.
Step 2: Play activities.
You can either play activities using the Boardmaker Student Center on the computer OR by using the Boardmaker Student Center app on the iPad.

Hint: If you are playing activities on the iPad using the Boardmaker Student Center App, you will want to launch the app at this point. 

a. Launch the web-based Boardmaker Student Center.
  • Select the My Playlist tab.
  • Select Launch Playlist.
Launch Playlist
Step 2b: OR Log into the Boardmaker Student Center app on your iPad

Note: In order to capture the performance results, the child must complete the activity by selecting the Stop button at the end.

Step 4: View Performance Results.
  • On your computer, log into your Boardmaker Online Personal account.
  • Select the My Boardmakermenu button.
My Boardmaker
  • Select the Performance Results tab.
Performance Results
  • Use the expansion button next to the activity session to view results.
Expansion button