NavBar Pageset - How to Hide Subtopic Tabs in the NavBar Grid

July 27, 2016

1.  Select your Topic.
2.  Select the Settings button in the Toolbar. kA1G0000000A0OBKA0_en_US_1_0 The Settings menu will open.

3.  Select Editorfrom the Settings menu.

4.  Select the Subtopic tab you want to hide.


5. Select the Properties button in the upper left corner (circled in the illustration above).

6. Rename the Subtopic by entering the next number in the Subtopic sequence, followed by the original name of the tab.


7.  Exit the Editor and save the changes.

8.  When you select the Topic in the NavBar, the Subtopic you renamed will no longer appear. 

Note:To get the subtopic back, just follow the steps above, and rename the subtopic with its original name.