How do I set up a mobile phone with my C-Series?

May 31, 2016

To use the Mobile phone function on your C-Series you need to have a Mobile phone license, which can be purchased at Tobii. You also need a SIM card that is not locked with a PIN code. (A SIM card can be unlocked if inserted into a mobile phone).

  1. Insert your SIM card in the SIM card holder at the back of the C-Series
  2. Open C-Series Hardware Options (click start, control panel, then C-Series Hardware Options)
  3. Click Wireless
  4. Make sure that the "Enable wireless units" and GSM boxes are checked
    1. If the boxes can't be checked click on licenses
    2. If there is no Mobile phone license you will need to purchase a license from Tobii before you can use the mobile phone function
  5. Start communicator
  6. Click settings in the menu bar (if you don't see the menu bar press f10)
  7. Click Mobile Phone Settings
  8. Click Telephony
  9. Check the "Enable telephony functionality" box
  10. Go back to General (still in Mobile Phone Settings)
  11. Click "Search Automatically", a phone should be detected in one of the ports
  12. Wait for the search to finish then press Ok
  13. Make sure that the correct country is selected under "Which country are you in?"
The phone should now be ready to use