How do I manage my activities in Boardmaker Online?

December 19, 2018

Your activities are managed from the My Activities List. Select the My Boardmaker tab in the main toolbar to access My Activities.      

Managing Activities: Printing

Activities that have been created as print activities are identified with the print icon next to the activity thumbnail and will have a Print tool in the blue toolbar.  
  1. Select the Print tool on the toolbar to the right of the activity.  From Print Options, select range, number of copies, and Print Size (Select Actual Size when printing device overlays.)
  2. Select Continue.
  3. On the preview page, select the destination (your printer or PDF maker).
  4. Select Print.

Managing Activities: Editing

You may edit activities you have created, uploaded, or added from the Boardmaker Online Community.
  1. Select the Edit tool to the right of the activity to be edited. The online editor will launch with the activity in edit mode. If you are using a Windows operating system, you will have the option to edit in Studio.
  2. Maximize the Online Editor window.
  3. Select the object you would like to edit.  Use edit-in-place to change a symbol or label.  (With the button selected, type the label and then select Enter on your keyboard.)   
  4. Select the symbol or digital image you want and click Select.
  5. To change properties like font, background color, and so on, select the button(s) or object(s) you want to change and select the appropriate attributes from the Properties panel.  Scroll to find additional properties including fill color, border, and buttonshape.
  6. When finished, select File > Save to save your changes.  To rename the activity, select File > Save Activity As > type a name > OK.
  7. Exit the editor by closing the window.

Managing Activities: Assigning

You may assign activities and activity sets to one or more students. This allows students to access their assignments and play them with data collection.
  1. Select the Assign Activity tool on the blue toolbar beside the activity to be assigned. 
  2. Your roster of students will open.  Click to add a tick mark beside the student(s) to whom you wish to assign the activity.  Click Assign. A copy of the activity is placed in the student’s assignment list. 

Managing Activities: Organizing Activities in your Playlist

  1. To put a copy of an activity or an activity set in your playlist, select the Add to Playlist tool.
  2. The tool will gray out to show that the activity is now in your playlist.  Your playlist may be viewed, and its activities played in three ways:
  • Select My Playlist within My Boardmaker or Select Launch Student Center in the My Playlist tab.                 
  • Launch My Classroom View (Students tab > My Classroom View) and select your instructor icon to see and access activities in your playlist.
  • Launch Student Center (Students tab> Student Center) and log in as instructor with your usual user name and password.  Your playlist is available. 
NOTE:  To access activities on the Boardmaker Student Center app on a tablet or AAC device the activities must be in your playlist or assigned to a student.

To access the pdf version of this article which includes screenshots, click here.