How do I create a popup board in Boardmaker Version 6?

November 22, 2019

  1. Lay out the buttons for the PopUp right on the topic board itself to create a PopUp board. A special command will remove the additional buttons and create a PopUp board sized to exactly fit them.
  2. Create the buttons that will become the PopUp board in the location where the PopUp board should appear.
  3.  Use the Pointer Tool to move them into final position where the PopUp board should appear.
Note: Make sure ALL the buttons created for the PopUp board are selected before proceeding with this step. (Hold down the Shift key while clicking on each button.)
  1. Choose Dynamic Buttons
  2. Choose Create PopUp Board. The selected buttons are cut from the topic board and pasted into a new board that is sized accordingly.
  3. Type the name for your new PopUp board when the Save As dialog appears.
Note: It will be helpful to give the PopUp board a name that will identify it as a PopUp; for example, "Utensil PopUp", or “PopUp-Utensil". That way, it can quickly be identified for other use as a PopUp on other boards.
  1. Set the appearance of the buttons by choosing the desired color, border, and corner settings once the PopUp board has been created.
  2. Add symbols, text, and button actions to the PopUp if that was not done before using the Create PopUp Board command.
Note: Be sure to assign at least one button the Change Board Back Action, then save the board.
  1. Go back to the original topic board.
  2. Double-click the button that will be used to activate your PopUp board.
  3. Select Go To PopUp Board in the Actions list (Change Board category). The new PopUp board will automatically be selected in the board list. Its location is based on where you originally placed the buttons on the topic board when you used the Create PopUp Board command.
  4. Click the OK button when finished.
Note: To reposition the PopUp board later, edit the assigned Go To PopUp Board action and adjust the location measurements, which are relative to the upper left corner of the board.