Communicator will no longer open after updating to version 5.5.7

May 11, 2021

Some users are experiencing an issue where after they update Communicator to version 5.5.7 the software won't open.  After attempting to open Communicator, the splash screen appears, the loading bar goes through it's process, then the splash screen disappears but Communicator does not open.  Sometimes the user receives a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error. Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.  

Go to the following path:
C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\Tobii_AB\DefaultDomain_Path_rsenzzb31hxihz24b4b2iuakntbyiojw

And remove the “” folder and then Communicator should open again.

*(If deleting the "" folder does not fix the issue, go back and delete the entire "Tobii_AB" folder.)