Can I use any tablet or do you have recommendations?

July 29, 2016

We highly recommend the Dell Latitude 10, which has been thoroughly tested with all components of the system; bracket, PCEye Go eye tracker and the Windows Control system. It also provides long battery life, which is important if using your EyeMobile when on the move. This is our certified tablet. We also recommend the Microsoft Surface Pro.

On top of that we have also tested many other tablets, the following are a part of our automatic screen configuration setup:

  • Dell Latitude 10
  • Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2
  • Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T
You do however have great freedom of choice when it comes to choosing a tablet for your EyeMobile solution. There are a few requirements:
  • You need a tablet that runs Windows 8 Pro.
  • Stylus input is required in order to allow for Mouse Cursor Visibility in Mouse Emulation mode when a physical mouse is not attached. Tobii Gaze Selection for Windows 8 does not require stylus support.
  • Restrictions apply to the size of the tablet and the placement of the USB port.

It is entirely possible that you might find, and be able to perfectly use, a Windows 8 Pro Tablet that we haven't yet included in our recommendations. If that is the case you will be able to manually configure the screen size in the same way as with the PCEye Go on a laptop or a desktop.