Audible Queue through speakers and headphone jack

July 31, 2016

If you want to enable audible queue through the speakers and the headphone jack, these are the recommended settings for each hardware device:

For the Tobii I-Series and Tobii Dynavox I-Series+:
  1. Right click on the speaker icon choose Recording Devices
  2. Right click on Microphone and choose show disconnected devices
  3. Right click on stereo mixer and choose enable.
  4. Right click on stereo mixer and choose properties
  5. Choose the listen tab, then check listen to this device. Make sure speakers (Tobii I series ext headphones) is selected.
  6. Go into Communicator sound settings choose the Playback Devices tab7. Change Communicative Sounds to Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)

For the Tobii C-Series:
  1. CSHO change audio to left channel only and enable headphones
  2. Restart Tc if needed.
  3. In Sound Settings, enable audible cue under the Audible Cue tab
  4. In Sound Settings, change Feedback sounds to right channel under the Playback Devices tab.
  5. Insert headphones/speakers and test

For all other computers:
We cannot give you any general recommendations for non-Tobii hardware since these settings depend very much on the specific hardware and software settings of your computer. It is however a good starting point to experiment with the recommendations above for our Tobii devices.