Anti Virus on the Mytobii P10

July 18, 2016

Anti Virus software confirmed to work well:

  1. Symantec
  2. Microsoft Security Essentials

Some Antivirus Software does not work well with the MyTobii P10:
  1. avast
    1. connection to eyetrackers will not work.
    2. Solution: full uninstall of avast.
  2. McAffee
    1. firewall portion of McAffee Antivirus will interrupt connection to eyetracker.
    2. Solution: disable firewall portion.
  3. Panda
    1. will randomly crash the eye tracking function
    2. Solution: full uninstall of Panda.
  4. F-Secure
    1. will block the connection to the Eyetracker
    2. Solution: disable or uninstall.