Google Assistant now in Snap Core First

Talk to Google with the click of a button 

Access Google Assistant directly via Snap Core First, our symbol-supported communication app for people with speech and language disabilities. 

Dim the lights, turn up the music, get weather forecasts and more with the click of a button using eye gaze, touch or switch. Control and explore your environment with Google Assistant in Snap Core First. Available for select Tobii Dynavox assistive technology devices, iPad and Windows computers. 



Turn up the volume 

Music has always been important to Lucie, an avid dancer. She can now ask Google to turn up the volume whenever the mood strikes, using just her eyes.  



Check the weather 

Nothing keeps Sam from attending his favorite concerts, not even the weather. He can now plan ahead by asking Google for forecasts with the click of a button and get answers directly on his device, without the need for a smart home device. 



Dim the lights 

A devoted gamer, Becky often wants to dim the lights to better see her screen. She can now ask Google to switch the lights on and off, completely independently.


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