SC Tablet

SC Tablet

SC Tablet / SC Tablet Mini

SC Tablet / SC Tablet Mini

Communicate on the go

SC Tablet is a compact yet durable iPad-based speech generating device for people of all ages with communication impairments. Pre-loaded with AAC apps, this rugged device has a fitted silicone case to withstand drops, complete with reinforced corners, a screen-protecting frame, and built-in handle and stand. It’s available in two sizes: SC Tablet and SC Tablet Mini.

Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet Mini and SC Tablet
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Tablet solution

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Powerful speakers

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Assistive communication

SC Tablet and SC Tablet Mini are custom-built for assistive communication on the go.

Young boy holding a Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet Mini in his arms.

Better together

SC Tablet devices combine Tobii Dynavox technology with an iPad to create a powerfully portable communication solution. They are available in two sizes - SC Tablet, which comes with a 10.2” iPad, and the ultra-portable SC Tablet Mini, which comes with an iPad mini 6.

Made for communication

SC Tablet devices are made for AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). They come loaded with a choice of apps: TD Snap for symbol-supported communicators or TD Talk for literate adults. Grab them by the handle or prop them up using their built-in stands. Communicate worry-free wherever you go thanks to rugged outer cases fitted with crash corners and snap-on faceplates for added screen protection.

Mom using Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet to communicate with her daughter

Older couple walking together hand in hand

Made for your needs

Both SC Tablet and SC Tablet Mini come with powerful, outward-facing speakers and a selection of optional finger-guiding keyguards. Both versions are also custom-made for AAC, with the larger version SC Tablet offering wheelchair mount plate holes and two switch ports, while the SC Tablet Mini is small enough to slip discreetly into a handbag or pocket.

What’s in the box?

  • 10.2-inch iPad or iPad mini 6
  • TD Speech Case or TD Speech Case Mini
  • Charger
  • Charger cable
  • Shoulder strap
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Training Cards
Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet and SC Tablet boxes

Communicate your way

Whether you’re an emerging or symbol-based communicator, our pre-installed software lets you start at your current level and adjust to your changing needs.

Girl using TD Snap AAC app on a Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet.
TD Snap logo

TD Snap

Offers caregivers and professionals a choice of AAC solutions to meet the needs of people with a wide range of speech and language disabilities. All page sets come with powerful tools and resources to help simplify and enrich communication.

TD Talk icon

TD Talk

Empowers literate adults to speak with their eyes or with the touch of a button. Generates natural-sounding speech in a range of voices to help you sound more like yourself. Speeds up sentence construction to enable more active engagement in conversations.

Girl using her SC Tablet Mini with Snap Scene at school
Snap Scene Lite icon

Snap Scene Lite

Turns everyday moments into learning opportunities. Designed for children who can't speak, it lets you take photos and tag them with recordings for natural, spontaneous communication.

Accessories included with SC Tablet

SC Tablet devices come with several accessories included in the box, which are also available to buy separately as spares.

Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet charger


A charger to stay powered up.

Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet charging cable

Charging Cable

Stay connected all day to communicate on the go.

Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet Shoulder Strap

Shoulder Strap

Take your device with you anywhere hands-free for more convenience.

Additional accessories

Customise your device with these additional accessories.

Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet Mount Plate

Mount Plate

A plate to mount the larger SC Tablet to a stand or wheelchair.

Tobii Dynavox SC Tablet Keyguards


A grid plate that attaches to your SC Tablet/Speech Case for improved access.

Tobii Dynavox Keyguard Holder

Keyguard Holder

A snap-on frame that secures a Keyguard to a device.