Rehadapt Vario Floorstand

The Rehadapt Vario is an adjustable rolling floorstand designed to securely mount your assistive technology device and place it by your side. Highly adjustable in both height and base width, it enables a smooth passage through narrow doors and allows close placement to beds, recliners, sofas and wheelchairs. The overhanging telescopic arm is made of robust Monty3D tubes, and a solid gas spring holds your device monitor securely in position for extra peace of mind. A convenient rolling transportation bag is included to make travel easier.

Rehadapt Vario Floorstand mount plates are made to fit Tobii Dynavox (and many other) devices. Device not included.

This product as a kit is MDR classified.

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Rehadapt Vario Floorstands

Teenager with Tobii Dynavox I-Series+ on ConnectIT Vario Floorstand

Adjustable height

The telescopic columns and quick release levers make height positioning easier. And a gas spring makes it possible to easily and securely position your device monitor at a comfortable angle.

Adjustable width

Rehadapt Vario Floorstands have a very stable and flexible rolling base with low ground clearance to allow positioning around and even under most furniture.

Tobii Dynavox ConnectIT FS-Vario Floorstand featuring a base that fits around a wheelchair



31–51 in
(79–130 cm)


31 in
(79 cm)


45–73 in
(115–185 cm)

Device height

31–86 in
(80–218 cm)

Tube 1

15.7 in
(40 cm)

Tube 2

11.8 in
(30 cm)



20.2 lbs
(9162.6 grams)

Load capability

16.5 lbs
(7484.3 grams)