Rehadapt Tele Lock Floorstand

The Rehadapt Tele Lock is a light yet sturdy adjustable rolling floorstand designed to securely mount your assistive technology device and place it by your side. With an adjustable height range of (68-208cm) and wheels that roll on hard floors and rugs, it enables close placement to beds, recliners, sofas and wheelchairs. The overhanging telescopic arm is made of robust Monty3D tubes, and a solid gas spring holds your device monitor securely in position while offering fully adjustable angle placement. Available in two versions: Tele Lock and Tele Lock QP (QuickPack). The QP version collapses easily and includes a convenient rolling transportation bag to make travel easier.

Rehadapt Tele Lock Floorstand mount plates are made to fit Tobii Dynavox and many other devices (devices sold separately).

This product as a kit is MDR classified.

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