TD Pilot

Control an iPad with your eyes using TD Pilot, an eye tracking-enabled iPadOS device made for people with communication disabilities. This speech generating device provides native integration of eye tracking in iPadOS and has been certified to meet Apple performance standards. It’s for people with conditions such as ALS/MND, spinal cord injury and cerebral palsy. Communicate, navigate the iPadOS environment and use your favourite iPad apps – all with the world’s leading eye tracker. Make your voice heard loud and clear with built-in speakers. TD Pilot is pre-loaded with your choice of AAC apps; TD Talk for literate adults or TD Snap for symbol-supported communicators. It also comes with TD CoPilot, a companion app that helps you calibrate the eye tracker, get software updates and check battery status. TD Pilot offers innovations such as the Partner Window for more natural face-to-face conversation, and outdoor eye tracking to use the device even in bright light.

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What’s the funding process?

Depending on your country of residence, you may be eligible to receive funding for an assistive technology device for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Various funding options may exist, including local AAC services and charitable organisations, however these vary from each country to city. Please contact your local Tobii Dynavox representative for more information.

Tobii Dynavox Manufacturer’s Warranty

All Tobii Dynavox devices come with our Manufacturer’s Warranty for two years. The TD Pilot also includes TD Care, which is an extension of the Manufacturer’s Warranty and offers an unmatched industry-wide level of protection, including unlimited accidental damage claims per year on the device itself, batteries and even chargers. Purchases and extensions of TD Care can only be made when buying the device.

Premium Devices Warranty Type Term Cost
Tobii Dynavox TD Pilot device front view


TD Care


2 yrs

1 yr

5 yrs




iPad coverage is included for the duration of both the Manufacturer and TD Care warranties.

Find out more about Tobii Dynavox Warranties:

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What’s inside the TD Pilot box?

TD Pilot box
Tobii Dynavox TD Pilot device

TD Pilot device

TD Pilot charger and power supply

Charger with cable

TD Pilot connection cable USB-C to USB-C

Connection Cable USB-C to USB-C

TD Pilot connection cable Lightening to USB-C

Connection Cable Lightening to USB-C

Quick start guide for Tobii Dynavox software

Quick Start Guide

Training cards for Tobii Dynavox software

Training Cards


Front facing shot of Tobii Dynavox TD Pilot device

TD Pilot

Size & weight

(w × h × d)

30,4 × 25,5 × 9,0 cm

Weight without iPad

1,2 kg

Weight with iPad

2,0 kg


Operating system


Compatible software

TD Talk
TD Snap
TD CoPilot
Pathways for Core First

Included apps

TD Talk icon
TD Snap icon
TD CoPilot icon

TD CoPilot

Buttons &


1 × Top button (iPadOS device)
1 × Volume up/down (iPadOS device)
1 × Power On
1 × Track Status


1 × Thunderbolt/USB 4 (iPadOS device)
1 × USB-C
2 × 3,5 mm Switch connector interface
1 × 3,5 mm” Headphone jack
1 × 15 VDC in 1,65/4 mm (Power connector)


2 × 10 W Closed Box Speakers


WLAN (optional)


Bluetooth (optional)




High performance 64-bit ARM processor

Hard disk drive

256 GB

Battery run time

~10 h

Battery charge time

Maximum 4 h (0-100%)

Full specifications

Find full specifications in the TD Pilot manual.

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