Sensory Eye FX 2

Assess, teach and practice how to control a computer with your eyes using Sensory Eye FX 2. This software helps people of all ages learn and improve eye gaze access and communication skills through creative play and exploration. Visual games and activities are set out over five increasingly challenging levels. The games teach and encourage the practice of key skills needed to learn eye gaze calibration and eye control, including screen engagement, interaction and focus. Sensory Eye FX 2 now offers even more personalisation options and is designed to help clinicians see signs of progress and success during assessments. It’s also great practice for eye gaze calibration. Sensory Eye FX 2 comes pre-installed on TD I-Series, with the option to upgrade. Or it can be purchased here to use with a PCEye eye tracker, together on a Windows computer or tablet (sold separately).

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Assess and teach eye gaze skills

Sensory Eye FX 2 is a set of 30 games and activities divided into 5 stages to help learners practice eye gaze skills such as screen engagement, tracking, targeting, selecting and more in a ‘no fail’ environment.

Child learning to use a computer with her eyes

Gaze Response

Level 1 activities allow learners to explore cause and effect – when they look, something happens, when they look away it stops. This concept is fundamental to learning gaze interaction.

Gaze Interaction

Level 2 activities introduce methods of gaze interaction such as dwell functions and basic targeting. This teaches learners a greater awareness of how their gaze activates a response.

Young girl using an eye gaze device to communicate with her mother

Child learning eye gaze skills with Sensory Eye FX 2

Gaze Regions

Level 3 activities develop the ability to target specific areas of the screen and teach cursor control. Learners will begin to fix their gaze to achieve greater control and accuracy - skills needed for calibration.

Gaze Exploration

Level 4 activities encourage learners to engage with a wider area of the screen and have fun using their eyes. This motivates them to engage with the screen.

Young woman using an eye tracking device to communicate

Child practicing eye gaze skills on her laptop with a Tobii Dynavox PCEye eye tracker and Sensory Eye FX 2

Gaze Control

Level 5 activities can help learners achieve greater control, a higher degree of accuracy and a more detailed understanding of the dwell and switch activation functions.

Simple & effective

Sensory Eye FX 2 is easy to use and offers enhanced features to make eye gaze learning, teaching, and assessment even easier.

Sensory Eye FX 2 homescreen

Easier navigation

The home screen is designed for simple use, allowing easy navigation and selection of common tasks, such as pausing/resuming eye gaze and choosing activities.

More personalisation

More personalisation leads to more engagement. It’s now possible for an eye gaze novice to paint images in Sensory EyeFX 2. It’s also possible to add favourite videos to the screen background.  

Sensory Eye FX 2 screenshot showing paint function

Sensory Eye FX 2 screenshot showing keyboard shortcut

Better insights

More keyboard shortcuts make it easier for clinicians to access and save valuable information. Instantly track and collect evidence of progress within the app without disturbing the person using it. With just one selection, it’s now possible to take and save screenshots or screen recordings, display a heatmap, and adjust dwell time in real-time to be saved for later review.


Sensory Eye FX 2

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 10/11
CPU Intel Core 1-5 7200U
Memory (RAM) 8GB


Intel HD Graphics 620

Hard Disk Space

1.8GB installation

Screen Resolution

1920x1080 (FHD)


Windows Control

Files and Formats



Software languages

English (US)


Eye tracker

TD I-Series


Mozilla Firefox 31 or newer