Tobii Dynavox for Professionals

Tobii Dynavox for Professionals is a complimentary program that gives you access to Compass and Communicator, so that you can better serve your clients with complex communication needs and their families.

Tobii Dynavox for Professionals is a complimentary program that provides you with the robust and flexible AAC software solutions, Compass and Communicator. These solutions can help you to better serve your clients and can also be used during your AAC evaluations and therapy sessions.

Along with Compass and Communicator 5, you’ll also receive expert support from start to finish. In addition to myTobiiDynavox, you’ll find resources, ideas, webinars, and so much more, that will help you use the Compass app and Communicator 5 software in your day-to-day practice!

Here's how you join Tobii Dynavox for Professionals

Become a member of myTobiiDynavox and choose the complimentary Tobii Dynavox for Professionals option.

If you already are a member of myTobiiDynavox, log in to your existing myTobiiDynavox account and modify your account to join Tobii Dynavox for Professionals.

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