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Communicator 5

Communicator 5


You’re in charge

Communicator 5 empowers people with speech and language disabilities to efficiently convert text and symbols into clear speech. This communication solution also offers control of computers, phones and the home environment, including access to a suite of popular social media and entertainment apps.

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Speech output

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Multiple access methods

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Windows access

Customized, convenient & flexible

Communicator 5 is designed for literate individuals with complex communication needs such as ALS, MS and cerebral palsy.

Woman using Communicator 5 on a Tobii Dynavox SGD


Personalize Communicator 5 by choosing between text or symbol use, male or female child and adult voices, and access via touch, eye gaze, scanning, switch & more.


Designed to make life easier for your entire communication team with a built-in step-by-step set up guide, easy editing tools and an unlimited number of profiles.

 Teen talking to his mother using Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5


Access rich communication options such as ABC and Qwerty keyboard layouts, the Sono Suite of vocabularies, and symbol sets including PCS, Symbolstix, Bliss and Metacom. You can even access Windows, e-mail, text messaging and more.

Devices compatible with Communicator 5

TD-I Series featuring Communicator 5 AAC software

TD I-Series

A fast, light, durable gaze-enabled speech generating device, featuring the world's #1 eye tracker.

TD I-110

TD I-110

A purpose-built touch screen speech generating device pre-loaded with a powerful AAC app.

What makes Communicator 5 unique?

It offers maximum flexibility and depth of communication with both text or symbols.

Communicator 5 software featured on TD I-series devices by Tobii Dynavox.

Independence and efficiency

Designed to put you in charge and help you say what's on your mind more quickly.

Example of the Communicator 5 interface

Text communication

Literate communicators can express themselves more naturally with a built-in dictionary, word and phrase prediction, stored phrases and access to many high-quality synthetic voice options. It's also possible to record your own voice with message banking, for the ability to say "I love you" with emotion. Whichever voice you choose, you can project it as you type for conversations in real time.

Symbol communication

Symbol communicators can develop literacy skills with access to core words, topic-based vocabulary and a keyboard to encourage exploration of letters, words and sounds, with the ability to delete symbols as literacy skills develop.

Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 AAC software featuring SymbolStix

Example of an eye-gaze accessible keyboard on Communicator 5 AAC software

Efficient keyboards

Enjoy multilingual communication with the ability to switch between language keyboards. Adjust for preferred eye gaze speed on buttons, keyboards and predictive text. Express yourself more quickly with stored and abbreviated commonly-used phrases. And choose from keyboards designed specifically to match different access methods.

Accessible Apps

Discover Accessible Apps for those using Communicator 5 on an TD I-Series or PCEye to use popular tools such as Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and more, independently and seamlessly.

Facebook Accessible App

Communicator 5 screenshot showing Windows Mouse control

Environment control

Program and control infrared-enabled devices in your home such as TVs, DVDs, toys, adjustable beds, doors and lights.

Windows access

Gain access to the Windows environment via Windows Mouse, which allows eye gaze and scanning control of the cursor to perform mouse actions, access the keyboard from a page set, and use social media and more via web browser.

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Ecosystem of support

Communicator 5 comes with a comprehensive set of resources to guide you and your communication team.

Teacher using Tobii Dynavox ALL with student
ALL logo

Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL)

An evidence-based program focused on basic reading skills for people with communication disabilities.


A free, cloud-based resource for backing up your customized Tobii Dynavox apps and connecting and sharing among your communication team.

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 Woman delivering a Tobii Dynavox training session to an audience


Discover our training resources, including how-to videos and recorded webinars on using and getting the most from Communicator.

Accessible Apps

Unlock the full experience of leading web tools using your preferred access method. Stay connected on social media, stream music and videos, and stay informed and organized completely independently with Accessible Apps - a key feature included with Communicator 5 on a TD I-Series or PCEye. To use it on other devices, contact your local Solutions Consultant.

Tobii Dynavox TD I-Series featuring Communicator 5 Accessible Apps homescreen

Take a tour

From Facebook to Spotify to YouTube, TikTok to Twitch and more, find out which popular web apps and services are available and how they work on Communicator 5 Accessible Apps.

Be social & connected

Use the most popular social media and messaging platforms completely independently via touch and eye gaze (alone or in conjunction with a switch).

Tobii Dynavox Accessible Facebook from Communicator 5 Accessible Apps

Accessible Facebook

Register, log in, search, add friends, post, comment, like, add emojis and play or pause videos that catch your interest.

Accessible Facebook Messenger

Stay in touch in real time by sending and receiving messages and making audio or video calls. Search contacts, navigate and scroll through chats, and send messages with text, voice, sticker or emoji.

Tobii Dynavox Accessible Facebook Messenger from Communicator 5 Accessible Apps

Tobii Dynavox Accessible Intsagram from Communicator 5 Accessible Apps

Accessible Instagram

Browse for inspiration, scroll, search, explore hashtags, create your own posts or stories, like and comment with text or emojis.

Accessible WhatsApp

Stay in touch in real time by sending and receiving messages by text, photo, voice or emoji. Search and scroll through contacts and easily create group chats.

Tobii Dynavox Accessible WhatsApp from Communicator 5 Accessible Apps

Tobii Dynavox Accessible SMS Android Messages

Accessible SMS Android Messages  

Access messages on an Android phone by searching for and starting chats. Send messages using text, pictures, emojis and more. Scroll, browse and select messages and have contact names read aloud.