Meet Nina!

Name: Nina Muhonen
Age: 39
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Product: Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini and EyeMobile Plus
Condition: Spinal cord injury

Nina’s life forever changed in 1996 when a diving accident and consequent spinal cord injury left her completely paralyzed at just 17 years old.

As Nina adapted to her new lifestyle, the future looked bleak. But she moved forward, tailoring her goals. Eventually, she decided to forgo her plans to become a lawyer.

Nina Muhonen is a Tobii Dynavox user

“Instead,” Nina said, “I studied behavioral science with a focus on psychology, an area where I felt I could make the most difference.” Making all the difference in Nina’s day-to-day activities are the Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini and Eye Mobile Plus she uses for hands-free computer access. The eye-tracking devices for Windows tablets, she says, are by far more comfortable and efficient than the head mouse she used before. She can accomplish the same things with simple eye movements so she can put more energy into helping clients and colleagues.  

Nina, a trained behaviorist and cognitive therapist, is a supervisor at Hermod’s, one of the oldest educational companies in Sweden. In her job, she counsels clients seeking to enter the labor market or further their education. While Nina can speak, she opts to use a communication software that lets her type by looking at an onscreen keyboard.  “I do not have to talk loudly in public places in order to give voice commands to the computer.”

The technology restores a sense of normalcy to Nina’s life.

 That’s just one example of how the technology restores a sense of normalcy to Nina’s life and cooperates with her desire to live with integrity.   

“Tobii Dynavox solutions help me to work more effectively, both at work and in my free time." Nina highly recommends them. “They bring you so much more freedom in so many ways.” 

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