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Multi Access Devices

Multi-access devices give individuals the freedom to use direct selection methods and are purpose-built with the user’s needs in mind.

Eye Gaze Devices

Eye tracking and eye control is a technology that makes it possible for computers to know exactly where the user is looking. When eye tracking and eye control are combined with speech generating devices, communication opportunities are enabled for individuals with special needs.


Portable speech generating device that enables effective communication – from voice output, environmental control and computer access to long distance communication. It is ideal for those who rely on AAC.

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Large screen, eye controlled speech generating device. Ideal for those who rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for voice output, environmental control, computer access or long distance communication.

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Your tablet-based speech generating device for communication and computer access on the go. Combining eye tracking, speakers, speech recognition, switches and battery for completely hands-free access to Microsoft Surface Pro tablets.

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PCEye Plus

Combines eye tracking, speech recognition, switch and IR control for desktop computer access – this is our most advanced eye tracker. Replace your keyboard and mouse and connect with your Windows computer and surrounding environment seamlessly through your gaze.

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PCEye Mini

Our smallest and most versatile eye tracker. Use natural eye movements to control your Windows laptop or small desktop computer, or combine it with an EyeMobile Mini bracket and a Windows Pro tablet to use it on the go!

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Adds infrared (IR) functionality to any tablet, laptop or computer for control of IR enabled items in your surroundings - like TV, stereo, doors, windows, toys, etc. All by yourself. 

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