Playing sound from "Windows Default Communication Device" blocks out "Windows Default Device" for a while

July 31, 2016

Problem background:
The audio devices in Tobii Communicator are all set to "Windows Default Device" except "Skype and Bluetooth Mobile Phone Calls" which is set to "Windows Default Communication Device". Pressing the play button next to each device will play a small signal. If you have a Bluetooth speaker connected, it might add a secondary audio device which might be set to Windows Default Communication device. In this case, and after playing the "Skype and Bluetooth..." sound, the others (Windows Default Device) will just produce a quiet scraping noise. After waiting some time, approximately a minute, it starts working again.

Solution (here as an example for a Boombotix Rex speaker):*

  • Make sure your Bluetooth speaker is paired to your computer
  • Right click the volume icon in the Windows notification area
  • Click Playback devices
  • Locate the secondary audio device - for a Boombotix Rex speaker "Headset Earphone - Boombotix REX Hands-Free"
  • Right click it and choose Disable
  • Verify that the primary audio device - for a Boombotix Rex speaker "Headphones - Boombotix REX Stereo" is enabled and set as the default audio device

* For Tobii M-Series devices, these steps are done for you by Tobii before shipping the M-Series. The very first batch of devices has been shipped without these changes though and you might still experience this behavior.