Interrupting a Movie Playing on a Button - ETR with Switch - I-Series

July 31, 2016

Scenario: Tobii Communicator 4, input method is eye tracking and the activation method is with a switch. Once they have a button to play a video and even with "Prevent user interaction while video is playing" NOT checked - the eye tracking and pressing a switch will NOT interrupt the movie and give access back to communication pages.

1. Open the Control Center of the I-Series.
2. Select Switches from the left.
3. Select the Set action button for Switch 1.
4. Select the Send Input radio button.
5. Select the Send text radio button.
6. In the text box to the right do NOT enter anything - not even a space - nothing is needed here.
7. Select the gray bar with the two right pointing white arrows.
8. Close the Control Center.