How do I restore a backup from the SD-card of my I-Series device?

July 29, 2016

All I-Series devices are pre-configured to run backup on a regular schedule. The backup-script copies important files and folders to the SD card installed in the unit. The backup includes Tobii Communicator's user settings and page sets as well as user settings for other Tobii applications.The backup is scheduled to run every Sunday at 15:00. If the device is switched off at the scheduled time, the backup task will run as soon as possible (next time you turn on the device).Three backups are stored, which means that the SD card will contain backups from the three previous weeks. Older backups are automatically overwritten.

If you wish to run a backup manually, that can be done from the I-Series Control Center. In I-Series Control Center, go to the System tab and choose Backup now.
To manually restore a backup from SD card, open I-Series Control Center and go to the System tab. Select Restore from backup and find the backup you
want to restore. Once you know which backup you want to restore, select Restore from this backup.