How do I open the quick menu after disabling right click?

June 13, 2017

There are a number of ways on the Indi to open the quick menu if right click is disabled.  

  • Option 1:  The easiest way is to use the USB adapter that came with the device to plug in a keyboard and select Ctrl+M.  
  • Option 2:  Your next easiest option is to follow the steps below.
    1. With your finger, swipe right from the left side of the screen.  Make sure your finger starts on the case to the left of the display before swiping.
    2. On the taskbar, select the keyboard icon to open the Windows 10 keyboard.
    3. Select Communicator (you will see it in the background).
    4. On the keyboard select Ctrl M
    5. The quick menu will appear and you are safe to close the keyboard.  The quick menu disappears after about 11 seconds but that should provide enough time to make a selection from it.
  • Option 3:  If you do not mind giving the user access to enable/disable Right click, you can create a pageset that enables/disables right click then returns the user back to the home page.  Add that pageset to your Home page.  Once right click is enabled you can open the Quick Menu
  • Options 4:  
  1. Select the Exit Communicator button on the Home Page
  2. Select File
  3. Select Go To.  From here you can access many, but not all, of the features available on the Quick Menu.