How do I Clear the Contents of a Button Without Deleting the Button in Compass?

July 27, 2016

You can use the Clear Contents tool to clear the contents of a button - label, symbol, and audio cue.

kA1G00000009vaCKAQ_en_US_1_0Any actions assigned to the button will NOT be cleared.

1.  Navigate to the page that contains the button whose contents you wish to clear.

2. Select the Settings button in the top left cornerof the page.


3. Select Page Browser, the page you're editing, then Editor.

4.  Select the button whose contents you wish to clear.

3.  Select Edit on the Editing Toolbar.


4. Select the Clear Contents tool. 


5.  Once you're satisfied with the changes select File from the Editing Toolbar.


6.  Then select Save


7.  Then select Exitfrom the Editing Toolbar.


8. Choose Yes to save your changes