How can I make my on screen keyboard larger?

January 08, 2018

If your keyboard is tiny there is an update to resolve this and make it larger.  Follow these steps below...

  1. Plug in your I-110 or I-Series device.
  2. Download the BIOS updater from...
  3. Install the BIOS updated tool by double-clicking the file that was just downloaded.  This will install the tool but will NOT install the BIOS update.  Please continue on to the next steps to resolve the issue.
  4. Open File Explorer.  The tile should be in the Windows group on the I-110 or as an icon in the toolbar on the I-12+/I-15+.
    • Tile     icon
  5. Select This PC
  6. On the right, double click Windows (C:)
  7. Double click Program Files (x86)
  8. Double click Tobii Dynavox
  9. Double click I-110 BIOS Updater or I-Series Plus BIOS Updater (depending on what you are using)
  10. Run (double-click) I110BiosUpdater.exe or ISeriesPlusBiosUpdater.exe (again, depending on which you are using).
  11. Once the updater opens follow the prompts on the screen to update the Bios.  When it's complete the keyboard will be a much more useful size.