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What is TD Snap Aphasia?

A simple-to-use, customisable solution built for adults with aphasia and their unique needs. TD Snap Aphasia provides a means to communicate while supporting language recovery.

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Let us walk you through the TD Snap Aphasia Page Set and its key features.

Key features

The tools in TD Snap Aphasia are simple to use and similar to those used by speech and language therapists during therapy.

Tobii Dynavox TD Snap Aphasia Whiteboard screenshot


A digital version of pen and paper, the Whiteboard helps create a shared space for people with aphasia and their communication partners to engage in conversation.

Rating Scales

A tool for quick communication such as expressing pain or an opinion on a numeric or visual scale. Easy to customise with different sizes, colours and levels of complexity.

Tobii Dynavox TD Snap Aphasia Rating Scale screenshot

Aphasia pageset word lists screenshot

Word Lists

A set of customisable lists of words, organised by categories that are useful for daily communication and therapy.


A customisable template for rehearsing routine conversation topics before they happen. Scripts can even be spoken out loud at the touch of a button when it’s hard to find the words to say.

Tobii Dynavox TD Snap Aphasia scripts screenshot

Tobii Dynavox TD Snap Aphasia Photo Album screenshot

Photo Album

A place to store and share personalised photos that support the person with aphasia in communicating memories, thoughts and ideas.


Discover a collection of resources to help you get started with TD Snap Aphasia.