How do I Use SureLock?

July 27, 2016

When you launch the SureLock, it comes up with an instruction that says to tick the checkbox, then tap on SureLock. You have to press Ok. Got it!  Then two things show up, launcher or SureLock. And a check box that says, Use by default for this action. You have to put a check mark in it then press sure lock. Now you should be on a desktop that has Compass, Adobe Reader,camera, and rescue. It is now closed. To open it you have to tap the screen 10 times and then provide the code to open it. Once opened, you will see all the tools that can be utilized with sure lock. One of them is allowed applications. This will give you a list of what you want to show on the closed desktop. You can add or remove them. Once you are done then you can hit the go back arrow at the bottom or exit Sure lock. If you exit than it will be open again. You would have to close it again by repeating the instructions at the beginning of this paragraph.