How do I create and restore a user backup in TD Snap on an iPad?

October 10, 2017

Note: Some images may not be representative of the current software as the software has changed and improved through the years.

How to Create and Restore a User Backup in TD Snap on an iPad?


To create a backup user:

In the Editor, select the User editing panel tab.

User-added image

Select the current User to access the management options.

Select the save icon for the user you want to save as a backup.

User-added image

Rename your backup if you like, then select Backup.

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To move TD Snap backups to your PC or Mac:

Connect your iPad to a computer that has iTunes installed.

Click the device button, then click Files Sharing. In older versions of iTunes, select Apps instead

User-added image

Select TD Snap in the Apps sidebar.

Select UserBackups in the Documents browser.

Select the Save Too button, then browse to where you want to save your backup files.

Now you can share the backup user with another person by any means you like.

To restore a backup user to an iPad:

Follow the directions above for moving backups to your PC or Mac, except in in step 5, select the Add File button.

Now, in TD Snap , open the Editor, then select the User editing panel tab.

Select the current user to access the management options.

Select New User. If you don’t see that button, scroll down in the panel.

User-added image

User-added image
On the Setup Wizard screen select Restore existing user.

Browse for the location where you saved your user backup file, then select Open.

Once the user has finished restoring, you can select the Page Set to start using it.