Meet Victor!

Name: Victor Kaiser
Age: 20
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Product: Tobii Dynavox I-12
Condition: Cerebral palsy

An untrained ear may not easily understand Victor when he speaks, but meaningful conversation is becoming a permanent fixture in his life. Tobii Dynavox technology has a lot to do with it.

Victor is 20 years old. His speech limitations are associated with cerebral palsy, a condition that also requires him to use a wheelchair.

For communication, he uses an I-12+ device while a PCEye Go and EyeMobile give him easy access to infrared electronics in his environment. All he has to do is move his eyes.

“My Tobii device is almost my life,” Victor said. “Thanks to it, I can do school work without the help of an assistant. In my free time, it is mostly about being able to keep things private. I use Facebook, Skype and email as web, use Photoshop, control my TV and watch streaming material and more — all by myself.”


“My Tobii device is almost my life. Thanks to it, I can do school work without the help of an assistant."

Victor was born with CP and uses his Tobii Dynavox eye tracker to play games and go to school
Victor Kaiser is a happy Tobii Dynavox user

The IT high school Victor attends is a regular school that is not adapted for individuals with disabilities. His coursework, with its focus on aesthetics and the media, nurtures his passion for technology. The same goes for the time he has spent helping Tobii Dynavox develop products from the user’s perspective and testing them until they’re just right. 

Recent changes in the technology have been pretty amazing, he said. “The new products are smaller and faster, and for the most part offer better functionality.” 

Victor plans to apply to a sports psychology program after he graduates, but not right away. “I first and foremost plan to travel around the world a bit.”

In his free time, Victor likes to play video games and watch "Gladiators" on TV. He lives in Stockholm with his parents and three siblings. 




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