Reading and writing

If we presume competence in individuals living with Rett Syndrome, then it is essential to get them on the road to literacy as soon as possible.


The reading strategies depend very much on the individual but it starts with reading to them, just like with any other child!

Core language books which reinforce early strategies for communication are a great start. These can be read in conjunction with an “eye cursor” using any eyegaze system. This allows someone’s eye-pointing to lead the activity and links nicely into the AAC language strategy.

Hotspotting. Books can be photographed and active zones created. These are called hotspots. This allows important time alone, exploring and interacting.

One product that promotes reading is Tobii Dynavox ALL


Access to a keyboard is an important consideration for everyone who uses AAC. Keyboards can be segmented, feature symbol prediction or open symbol word-banks.  As long as we give meaning to all selections we will keep someone engaged and on that pathway to literacy.

This is also an important way of keeping teachers engaged with learners with Rett Syndrome and giving them exposure to someone’s AAC device.

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