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Literacy Skills

Multi Access Devices

Multi-access devices give individuals the freedom to use direct selection methods and are purpose-built with the user’s needs in mind.

Speech Case with iPad

An iOS-based speech tablet designed specifically for AAC with ultimate durability and unmatched sound. 

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Speech Case without iPad

An AAC iPad case, complete with integrated speakers and a durable design, that will transform your iPad into a true speech tablet. Available with or without Snap + Core First.

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Indi 7

A small, yet powerful all-in-one, Windows-based speech tablet for communicators on the go. Features Snap + Core First software. Also available with Communicator 5. 

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Indi with Snap + Core First

Back to school bundle featuring Indi with Snap + Core First. The perfect bundle for the symbol-based communicator on the go.

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Indi with Communicator 5

The perfect bundle for the literate communicator on the go.

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SC Tablet

A Medicare approved iPad-based speech generating devices designed for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Please note, this is a funded device that is available in the United States only.

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Built for the everyday, and not so everyday, adventures. The ultimate touch-based speech generating device for AAC featuring Snap+ Core First, Communicator 5, an ultra-rugged design, Gorilla Glass, IP54 classification, integrated speakers, etc.

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Lightwriter SL40 Connect

Encouraging conversational interaction in all settings, the Lightwriter SL40 Connect’s portable and robust keyboard based text-to-speech functionality allows for effective face to face communication thanks to the out-facing daylight readable display.

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Eye Gaze Devices

Eye tracking and eye control is a technology that makes it possible for computers to know exactly where the user is looking. When eye tracking and eye control are combined with speech generating devices, communication opportunities are enabled for individuals with special needs.

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