How can I position the device to get a better calibration?

Device Mounting

  • Proper mounting will help eliminate many positioning issues – a floor mount can accommodate many, if not all, positioning requirements.
  • The device should be mounted to be:
    • Parallel to the user’s face
    • Center of device at eye level
  • Use the track status box to find the optimal location as well
    • Find a spot where the flickering is at a minimum

Optimal positioning is achieved by using the Track Status box

  • The track status box will help with distance – do not guess the proper distance.  The distance indicator in the track status window is the red-yellow-green bar on the right.  When the white triangle is in the green area of the bar, the device is the correct distance from the user.  Please observe you can maintain the same distance from many angles.
  • The two white dots represent the eyes – these should appear consistently solid within the black box.  There is no need for them to be in the center of the box however it is best if they are not too close to any of the four sides because slight movement may move the device or user out of position if the eyes are too close to the sides.  
    • Blinking or shifting dots in the track status means the eye tracker is unable to identify two consistently solid reflections.  Make sure there is nothing reflective around or behind the user.  
  • The head/face should be parallel to the screen.  No matter what the position of the user, this should be constant.  For example, if the user's head is tilted to one side, the device should also be tilted. 
  • Keep the user as comfortable as possible and adjust the device as needed..


  • Optimally, the user's eyes should make a direct perpendicular line toward just below the middle of the screen.  If the user's eyes meet the middle of the screen or higher, the device is too low and should be raised.  This is especially important for individuals with droopy eyelids.
  • Try positioning the device at different angles as every client is different.
  • Do not flip the device upside down if using gaze interaction – the eye tracker is designed to work only at the bottom of the screen.

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