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To keep the focus on communication and growth, you’ll receive access to a truly unparalleled and free ecosystem of content and a library of resources to be used together with Tobii Dynavox communication software.


Pathways for Core First is a great resource and easy to follow implementation tool to help you reach your communication goals. Available for download on an iPad (not included), this free companion app offers a guided experience to successfully implement Core First. Packed with expert knowledge, find lesson plans, tips, and videos to help you get the most out of Core First.

Pathways for Snap Scene is a one-of-a-kind companion app that provides tips, suggestions, and real-world videos to show parents, teachers, and even therapists how to get the most out of Snap Scene. Based on best practices from experts in the field, Pathways helps build a foundation of language, interaction, and literacy for early communicators.  

myTobiiDynavox is an online tool for connecting with team members and other families to share files and resources. You can securely backup the I-110’s data to, where you can seamlessly manage all your files.

Discover Tobii Dynavox is an app that comes pre-installed on the I-110 and was created to give quick and easy access to resources (training, quick links, tips, etc.) in one convenient place.

Core First Learning is a free web-based program delivered through the free Boardmaker® Online Student Center. It takes Core Word lessons to a whole new level with interactive books and activities.

Core First Books and Lessons are downloadable from and help to support Core Word learning and reinforcement. Printed box sets are also available for purchase.

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The I-110 is more than a speech generating device, it’s a complete solution that comes with everything you need for the life of the product and is ready for you to get started right out-of-the-box. I-110 är mer än en talgenerererande enhet, det är en komplett lösning som kommer med allt du behöver för livet tillsammans med produkten och den är redo att användas direkt ur lådan.

Technical Support and Warranty

Included with every I-110 is a 2-year Tobii Dynavox TD Care warranty which provides complete coverage for repair or replacement parts, labor, return shipping, and telephone support.

What’s Included and Accessories

The I-110 includes a shoulder strap, which can be configured into a handle.

Additional accessory options include:

  • Daessy/ConnectIT reversible mount plate
  • ConnectIT mount plate with rigid handle
  • Durable Case for Keyguards with one keyguard insert
  • Additional keyguard inserts
  • ConnectIT mount plate with head mouse bracket

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