Can i use any tablet?

You have great freedom of choice when it comes to choosing a tablet for your EyeMobile solution. However, there are a few requirements:

  • You need a tablet with support that runs Windows 8 Pro or Windows 10.
  • Stylus input is required in order to allow for Mouse Cursor Visibility in Mouse Emulation mode when a physical mouse is not attached. Tobii Dynavox Gaze Selection for Windows 8 does not require stylus support.
  • Restrictions apply to the size of the tablet and the placement of the usb port.
  • See technical specifications for more details.

Which tablets do you recommend?

  • We highly recommend the Dell Latitude 10, which has been thoroughly tested with all components of the system; bracket, PCEye Go eye tracker and the Windows Control system. It also provides long battery life, which is important if using your EyeMobile when on the move. This is our “certified” tablet.
  • We also recommend the Microsoft Surface Pro
  • We have also tested other tablets and the following are a part of our automatic screen configuration setup:
    – Dell Latitude 10
    – Microsoft Surface
    – Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2
    – Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T

What if I want to use a different Windows tablet?

You can feel free to try any other Windows 8 or 10 Pro Tablets at your own risk. New Tablets are released regularly and we will try to keep updating the software and configuration on an equally regular basis to test and include as many of the tablets that live up to the recommended specifications and sizes as possible.

It is entirely possible that you might find, and be able to perfectly use, a Windows 8/10 Pro Tablet that we haven’t yet included in our recommendations. If that is the case you will be able to manually configure the screen size in the same way as with the PCEye Go on a laptop or a desktop.

Can I use a Windows 8 Pro Tablet that only has a Micro USB connector (as opposed to a full USB)?

Yes, with some restrictions. As long as the Micro USB connector on the tablet is made for Data Transfer as well as for charging, it will work together with the PCEye Go and the EyeMobile. In this case you will need to use an adapter to make it work. You can use an “off the shelf” Micro USB (male) to USB (female) OTG Adapter to connect between the PCEye Go’s USB and the tablet’s Micro USB.

The tablet must, of course, also fulfill the other requirements mentioned in the technical specifications.

I already hve a PCEye Go, can I use I still use an EyeMobile?

Yes. If you already use a Tobii Dynavox PCEye Go for your desktop or laptop computer you can easily start using it with a tablet. Simply add the EyeMobile bracket and get a compatible tablet if you do not already have one.

Where can I buy an EyeMobile?

If you live in the U.S. you can buy the EyeMobile solution online Here.

For those living outside the U.S., you can buy the EyeMobile from your Tobii Dynavox representative or any of our resellers. Contact information can be found here.

What happens if it breaks?

You receive a two years Manufacturer’s Warranty on the EyeMobile bracket and PCEye Go according to our warranty terms and conditions.

Tobii Dynavox does not provide any support for the tablet. If you have purchased the Dell Latitude 10 through Tobii Dynavox, you will have special access to Dell’s own “3 Year Pro Support”, provided by Dell in cooperation with Tobii Dynavox.

How do I connect a switch?

You connect your switch via Bluetooth, or via a second USB port on an external, third party, powered USB hub (which means a hub that is connected to a power outlet for extra power).

How does the EyeMobile compare to the I-Series?

The Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile is a portable solution for computer access, whereas the Tobii Dynavox I-Series, with the I-12 and I-15, are dedicated speech generating devices. As such they have been built from ground up to support assistive and augmentative communication. The I-Series are medically classed, they have built in IR-senders and receivers for environmental control, they have speakers optimized for speech, they are rugged to withstand the sometimes rough treatment of everyday use. Find out more about the differences in this pdf document.

Does EyeMobile work with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10?

The newest versions of Windows Control and Gaze Selection support Windows 8.1 and 10.


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