How does Core First support growth?

Publicerad: 2017-05-29 12:00

Core First was designed with the goal of allowing individuals with complex communication needs to move forward on their communication journey. We believe that all individuals can grow and gain new skills.  So as their skills grow, Core First will grow with them.

There are two key ways to grow on an AAC system (Dukhovny et al, 2016):

       Location based allows you to start out with a large number of buttons and fill them in systematically as language grows.

Skärmdump på Snap Kärnord i användning

       Size based allows you to start out with a small number of buttons and grow systematically and stay in relative position.

Litet rutnät 

Core First can accommodate both strategies and allows you to create a communication system that meets the needs of today and tomorrow.  With Core First, you can select multiple buttons and quickly hide them.  In addition, Core First also allows you to start with 2 buttons on a page and grow to 80 buttons!  Previous learning is always maximized as you grow. Pathways can help you learn ways to grow the content as your student gains skills. 

For more information, see the Customize Core First section in Pathways.

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