Communicator 5 - Looking Ahead

With the recent decision from the CMA, there have been questions regarding the future of Communicator 5. For the past 15 years, Communicator has been a crucial part of Tobii Dynavox’s software portfolio and remains so. It is a powerful, user-focused software title that we fully stand behind. With over tens of thousands of active users worldwide, our users believe in Communicator and rely on us daily for their voice. 

This is a commitment that we do not take lightly, and we will continue to focus on creating the best possible experience and support for our user community. Communicator continues to be the cornerstone of our portfolio – offered both as a standalone title and part of our current device offerings.  We have and will continue to actively invest in improvements to the Communicator ecosystem, and make sure that Communicator continues to be a powerful tool for independent communication and computer access. 


Did you know?

A lot of new features have been added to Communicator 5 over the past year. Some that we think you’ll really like include: 

New Windows Access page sets: Windows Mouse Horizontal and Windows Mouse Vertical


Phrase prediction update that includes all phrases that contain the text in the message window, not only phrases that start with it

Windows Access now available for eye tracking users with Switch activation method

Keep your eyes open for a series of upcoming videos that explore even more of the new features as well as ones that truly set Communicator apart from any other communication software on the market. 


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