Telehealth Success Stories

We are proud to be working with AAC professionals who are committed to supporting client evaluations for AAC during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have merged our creativity, technology and experience with their commitment to their clients to create successful evaluation opportunities.  Here are a few examples of how virtual assessments have been successfully conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic.


From the Parking Lot

A new SLP working with an aphasia patient who spoke Spanish needed support for an evaluation. After a text and then FaceTime conversation from the facility parking lot, the device was programmed on the spot for the evaluation in Spanish and delivered with proper PPE to the SLP at the front door of the facility.


From the Front Porch

On a rainy day, our Solutions Consultant met a SLP on the doorstep of her client’s home. While the SLP held the umbrella, the Solutions Consultant programmed the device and connected it to the home wireless network so the mother could take the device inside for the evaluation with her child. The Solutions Consultant and SLP were able to remotely control the eye gaze device from outside on the porch with Zoom and other remote tools. Using Zoom, the SLP could see the child and give instructions over the speakers for the mother and child to follow. It was an amazing opportunity for the family to learn modeling while the child demonstrated his abilities with the device during the remote evaluation.


Teknisk hjälp över telefon

From 5 Hours Away

A new SLP needed training on Tobii Dynavox devices to conduct evaluations for four new clients with different needs. Four devices were programmed and shipped to the SLP. A Zoom meeting was conducted to review the devices, page sets and discuss questions in-depth. The SLP felt confident to independently conduct the evaluations, which she did with amazing success for all four clients!


From a Clinic

A new SLP needed three devices shipped for three pediatric evaluations. A virtual preparatory meeting was held with the SLP to program the devices, including core word games. During the first evaluation on Zoom, the child indicated a love of dogs. So, our Solution Consultant’s dogs participated in the evaluation. The child selected ‘go’ and ‘stop’ to make them move and later produced “I want more dog”. The sessions were enjoyable for the SLP and clients while delivering successful evaluations.


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