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Windows Control

Gaze enabled computer access: Simply look at the computer screen and control the mouse cursor with your eye movement. It is fast, ergonomic and gives you access to the many ways that a computer can enrich your life.

The entire software and especially the Windows Control Shortcuts are built to be flexible, while keeping future improvements in mind. Windows Control is compatible with most of our eye tracking hardware which ensures that the software will support you on your journey and you don’t need to adapt constantly.

Windows Control is included with selected eye gaze devices, like selected product options of PCEye Plus, PCEye Mini. Want to purchase Windows Control software only, anyway? Just click the button below to get redirected to our software shop. 

Note: Windows Control is for use with our peripheral eye trackers - PCEye Plus, PCEye MiniPCEye Go, PCEye Explore. Compatibility with Compass, Snap + Core First, Snap Scene, Boardmaker Student Center or Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL™) coming soon. Windows Control can not be installed alongside Classic Tobii Gaze Interaction Software or Gaze Point.

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