Wisconsin Assistive Technology Regional Network (WATRN).Hudson. WI

On Location Training
Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Training Type: Discovery Lab


Topis for discussion:
*   Free copies of the apps for professionals through My Tobii Dynavox
  *   How to obtain professional trials of devices
  *   How to obtain student/family trials of devices
  *   Devices available through the CESA 2 lending library (I'm going to quick put my request in tomorrow before everyone else starts requesting! ;)
  *   The Pathways app (I just learned about all of the free eyegaze games that you links to, which is so helpful!)
  *   Webinars and support available through the website
  *   Data collection needed during trials
  *   Who you should be thinking of for a trial/who would be a candidate for robust AAC
  *   Some of us have time for a Grand rounds type discussion.  If nobody has a case to discuss, a unique case that you have worked on and the path you took to get to the end result would be awesome.  This gives you one more opportunity to pull everything together by sharing a real user, maybe some obstacles you/the SLP/family encountered, why the specific device/product was chosen and recommended, etc.  If someone has a case that they bring, feel free to jump into the discussion and share your thoughts on a product from Tobii Dynavox that might meet the needs of that student.

Course Content Level: Introductory

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 04:00 PM - 07:00 PM CT


Hudson Public Library  700 1st St.,  Hudson,  Wisconsin  54016,  United States

Cost: Free of Charge

Open Seats: 20

Presenter: Bob Penshorn

I have worked for both Tobii and Dynavox and now Tobii Dynavox for the past 26 years. I went to college at Jamestown College and Iowa State majoring in Education and Graphic arts. My family has cared for mentally and physically challenged children and adults all my life. I also worked at a large group home for mentally and physically challenged children and adults for 8 years while attending and after college.

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