Getting started with I-12/I-15

Congratulations on your new I-Series! Below you will find a suite of videos to guide you through the steps to set up and get started with your device. We want to make sure you get the most out of your device and look forward to taking this journey with you.

For a full list of  tutorial videos, please visit our Support & Training pages for I-12+ or I-15+ and click on Videos. Here you also find manuals, guides, common quesitons and much more information about your device. If at any time you need additional support please contact our technical support team.

Now, Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Opening The Box


Unboxing the Device and Powering Device On


Complete the Windows Setup
*Note- This video displays an Indi device. The Windows basic setup is the same for the Indi, I-110, I-12, and I-15 devices.

Step 2: Setting Up The Hardware


Starting Windows and Finding the Software


Setting Up the Control Center

Step 3: EyeGaze Calibration and Settings


Gaze Interaction Settings



Learn more about calibration here

Step 4: Communication


Setting up Snap Core First


Setting up Communicator5 for a Keyboard User

About The Software

Snap + Core First screenshot

Snap Core First

Snap Core First is our symbol-based communication software laid out in an easy to see and understand grid platform.

Features Include:

  • Symbols or photo icons to support those with language impairment
  • Tools available include a core strategy based on scientific research, pre-programmed messages, and a keyboard with varying layouts
  • Flexibility to simply change the number of buttons at any time
  • Easy to customize and use

Learn more

Communicator 5

Communicator5 is a powerful program that allows connections to the world around. It is most often used by fully literate users,  those that primarily utilize a keyboard, but pages with symbols are also available.

Features Include:

  • Easily customized home page that allows you to choose the tools you need 
  • Fully customizable to support voice banking and message banking
  • Easy access to email, phone, internet, music, environmental controls, and more

Learn more

More help

Now you're hopefully up and running. For additional help, please visit our Support & Training pages. Just select your device or software and you will find videos, manuals, downloads, common questions, and tips & tricks showing you how to get the most from your device and software. 

If you want to connect with others using the same AAC solution, join our social media communities to learn from others, share tips and get help. 

You can also always feel free to contact our own or our resellers technical support team, depending on how you purchased your solution.  

Finally, we always want to know how we can better help you, so please give us your feedback. 


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