Getting started with Snap + Core First

Below is a list of the most commonly asked for tutorial videos. Simply click the video you would like to view. For a full list of Snap tutorial videos, please visit our Snap Support & Training page and click on Videos.

We also really recomend you to use our free Pathway for Core First app as your guide to how to use the software Snap, the content Core First and how to be succesful with AAC!  Or try the online version Pathways for Core First Light

Now, Let's Get Started!



Editing a Button


Hide or Show a Button


Change Grid Size


Searching for Vocabulary



Creating Behavior Supports


Turning On/Off Message and Toolbar


Linking a button to a New Page


Linking a button to an Existing Page


Changing the Action of a Button

Access and Settings


Changing the Voice and Settings


Backing Up and Syncing:
See how to back up, share, or sync a full user or just a simple page.


More help

Now you are hopefully up and running with your solution. To find more help please go to our Support & Training pages. Just find your device or your software and you will find videos, manuals, downloads, common questions, tips & tricks etc there showing how to use your device and the software to it´s full potential.

If you want to connect with other users join our social media communities to learn from others and share tips and get help.

And if you need any help from us please do not hesitate to contact our own or our resellers technical support team, depending on who you have bought your solution from. We are all here to help you!

Finally we always want to know how we are doing and if possible improve, please give us your feedback!

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