NavBar Pageset - Adding a Topic Collage

1.  Select Levels from the Navigation Bar.

2.  Select Topics.


3.  Select the Select Topics from Library button.

4.  In the Configure Navigation Bar page, scroll down until you see Collage 1 - Collage 5.

5.  Select one of the blank collages, and then select the Show check box.

6.  Select Back to return to the Levels pages.

7.  Select Save.

8.  Select Back.

Populating the New Topic Collage

1.  Select the new collage topic.


2.  Select the Modify button at the top right corner of the screen kA1G00000008u7qKAA_en_US_1_5, then choose Settings, then Page Browser, then the page you wish to edit, and then Editor.

3.  Select the photo button for SUBTOPIC 1.


4. Select the Properties button.


5.  Select the blue Select button on the Content tab to browse for an image.

6.  Select the image you want to use for this subtopic.


7.  Select the green Select button at the top right corner of the screen.

8.  Select the SUBTOPIC 1 label, and then select the Properties buttonType a name for your new subtopic into the Label field.


9.  Select the tab that matches the newly-added subtopic, and then select the Properties button.


10.  Select the Label field, and type a label that matches your new subtopic.


11.  Select the vocabulary grid.


12.  Select the Properties button on the vocabulary grid.


13.  Select Edit Vocabulary.


14. Select the New Message button and add a label, symbol, and message for this button.

Then select Save.

15.  Select Manage.


16.  Select the New Item button to create another message button. kA1G00000008u7qKAA_en_US_1_19
Enter a label and choose a symbol for the new vocabulary message.
Repeat this step until you have entered all of the vocabulary messages for this subtopic.

17.  Select Done.

18.  Select Back.

19.  Repeat steps 4 through 18 for the other three subtopics.

20.  Select File, then Save, when you have finished creating your subtopics.

It is recommended that you do not move the image or label buttons around on this page. The hotspots will not appear in the correct place if these buttons are moved.



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