Why is the keyboard showing in English when I'm using Chinese or Japanese Communicator 5?

If you need to use a Chinese or Japanese Keyboard in Communicator 5 you must first change the Language setting in Windows.  If the Chinese or Japanese language pack is already installed in Windows you simply have to choose the ENG icon next to the date and time in the system tray and choose the language you need.  Then you can change the keyboard language in Communicator 5.  For more detailed instructions on this skip to the seventh step below. If the language pack is not installed in Windows please follow the steps below.  *Please understand that some of these instructions are in Windows and we have no control over changes to Windows so over time there may be slight differences between Windows and the following instructions.

1.  Starting from the Windows desktop, click on the Windows button and select the Settings button (which looks like a gear).
2.  Select Time & language
3.  Choose Region & language
4.  Select Add a language
5.  Select the Chinese or Japanese dialect you wish to use.
6.  Close the Settings window.
7.  You should now see the letter ENG next to the time and date on the bottom of the screen.  Select ENG and from the menu that appears select the language of the keyboard you need to use in Communicator.
8.  Open Communicator and select the third button on the left side of the device to open the Quick Menu
9.  Select Advanced Settings
10.  Choose the Keyboards & Language tab then choose Keyboard Settings
11.  Select the Language & Prediction tab.
12.  Under Keyboard Language select the language of the keyboard you wish to use.  Select OK
13.  Leave Advanced Settings and open your keyboard.  The actually Chinese/Japanese will not appear in the message window until after hitting space or ending the sentence.  Words should be spelled phonetically.


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