What is the difference between Gaze Point, Gaze Selection and Mouse Emulation?

Tobii Dynavox offers several different ways to control your Windows computer with an eyetracking input device. All have their specific advantages:
Tobii Dynavox Gaze Point:
Gaze Point is the most basic way to control Windows with your eyes. You can move the mouse pointer and perform left mouse clicks. Gaze Point also gives you access to certain settings such as
  • Turn the eye tracker on/off,
  • Turn the visibility of the mouse cursor on/off,
  • Turn left click on/off,
  • Set the dwell time for mouse click,
  • Calibrating your eyetracker and more.
Gaze Point is ideal for easy and simple Windows control, to e.g. control simple games and all software that only requires mouse movement and optionally, a left mouse click (can be disabled if not wanted).
Tobii Dynavox Gaze Selection:
Gaze Selection is a very precise input method that allows you advanced Windows access but with a simple to use interface. No accidental clicks, no unintentional mouse pointer movements. You can relaxed gaze around at your Windows desktop, your software application, web page or movie and first when you decided what action you want to take next, you select your tool of choice from the toolbar and make your selection.
Gaze Selection is ideal for normal to advanced Windows access where you want the full accessibility to control basically any Windows software without the need for fast decisions and movements.
Mouse Emulation:Tobii Dynavox 
Mouse Emulation gives you full control of your mouse pointer, just like you would do with a physical mouse input device. You can left click, right click, double click, zoom, scroll and much more. You basically can control any Windows software that works with mouse clicks. With some practice you could achieve an as high precision as with any other mouse pointer device.
Mouse Emulation is ideal for normal to advanced Windows usage, precise mouse pointing but yet fast movements of the mouse. You can hide the Mouse Emulation menu if you want to limit the functionality or avoid distraction.

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