Use caution when deleting buttons in the pre-made content pages

Use caution when deleting buttons in the pre-made content pages
When deleting a button, it is important to understand that deleting a button in one grid size will remove it from all grids sizes. This might not affect the current grid size if the button was hidden, but in larger grid sizes, the deletion may create an unintentional “hole” in your content.
User-added image
In the example above, in the 4x4 grid size, the phone number button is deleted because it doesn’t apply for the user, and is replaced with a new button with a more appropriate message.  When transitioning to another grid size, the deleted button leaved a “hole” in the content. Why? Snap restored the “saved state” for the grid size. The phone number button is missing, making “hole,” and the “saved state” doesn’t know about the new button, so that get added on the last grid screen after all the previously known buttons. (See What you NEED to understand about how Snap pages and button grids work.)

To avoid problems in other grid sizes, consider options other than deleting a button. If the content of a buttons isn’t appropriate, then edit the button instead of replacing it or moving it. If you don’t want to see it for now, hide it in the current grid size.  (See Use caution when changing the visibility of buttons in Core First)

In the pre-made content for Core First, it is not advisable to delete any hidden buttons that may appear in the current grid size. While these buttons are in “storage” for the current grid size, they will be visible in larger grid sizes. What you do in one grid size can negatively impact other grid sizes. 

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